Welcome to my blog! I’m Jenn, a 20 something Canadian redhead with a fierce need for wanderlust. I have been living and travelling abroad for the past two years and counting. 

I am an avid yogi, tea drinker (not professionally- yet), hiker and conversationalist. I am a certified Marine Conservation Ecologist and strongly believe in protecting where we play and rely on.

What started as an innocent six-week vacation to Indonesia ended up snowballing into a working holiday for a year and a half in Australia and New Zealand, a quick visit to Canada in transit, and now a working holiday in Chile and travelling around South America.

My mission is to help you follow your goals and dreams of long term travel through travel tips, wellness advice while abroad, and sharing quirky, adventurous stories of my experiences around this beautiful planet we get to call home. I hope this blog gives you a couple of giggles, “a-HA!” moments, trip ideas, and that you will gain from my experiences as a novice wanna-be nomad around the globe.


– Jenn, The Redhead Abroad